7208710 Spaces Places 3-in-1 Maintenance Kit with Chlorine Remover, Sludge Remover, and Clarifier


7208710 Spaces Places 3-in-1 Maintenance Kit with Chlorine Remover, Sludge Remover, and Clarifier

Item #7208710


  • One pouch of the 3-in-1 maintenance kit, can treat up to 100 gallons of water
  • 12, 10-Gram water soluble pouches, detoxifies tap water and is safe for fish and plants
  • Each packet contains a 4-season formula which includes chlorine/chloramine remover, sludge remover with barley, pond clarifiers with electrolytes
  • Beneficial natural bacteria consumes dead leaves and sludge increasing water clarity
  • Water soluble packets designed to improve pond water quality
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Minimum Quantity of 1


This Beckett 3-in-1 Water Treatment Maintenance Kit consists of pre-measured 10-gram water-soluble pouches designed to improve pond water clarity and quality. Every pouch is loaded with a chlorine/chloramine remover, a barley-based sludge remover, and a pond clarifier containing electrolytes. This maintenance kit has been specially designed to cater to the needs of new and existing ponds. Use it in new ponds before adding fish to stabilize the pond water and in existing ponds whenever you add or replace pond water. This formula eliminates chlorine from the water, making it safe for fish to inhabit. Additionally, it binds any floating debris and pulls them toward the bottom of the pond so that your water is crystal-clear. Finally, the beneficial bacteria consume the organic material collected at the bottom of the pond, which helps create a balanced aquatic environment for fish, and plants to thrive. One pouch treats up to 100 gallons of water; twelve 10-gram pouches are included.


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Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3.3 in


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