Spaces Places 575 GPH Pond Pump

Spaces Places 575 GPH Pond Pump


This 575 GPH Spaces Places Pond Pump is ideal for medium sized fountains, waterfalls, and container gardens. This device will add beauty and enhance your small water elements. This fountain reaches a maximum lift of 13 feet with a maximum of 575 gallons per hour. It efficiently pumps 550 GPH at a height of 1 ft. Pond pumps circulate and airate the water supporting a healthy ecosystem in which wildlife of all kinds, including goldfish, koi, and turtles can thrive, as well as a vast variety of flora. The black, plastic casing forms a hardy piece of equipment. The pump operates oil free, eliminating the risk of water contamination. Includes 16 foot power cord.

  • 575 GPH Direct Drive Pond Pump
  • Ideal for medium to large sized ponds.
  • Adjustable water flow knob so you can control the water pressure.
  • Fits I.D. tubing 3/4″
  • UL Listed
  • Power Requirements:
    115V, 60Hz, 75 Watts
  • 16′ cord length
  • Oil-free
  • Safe for fish and plants

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