7209410 Spaces Places Replacement Pre-filters


7209410 Spaces Places Replacement Pre-filters

Item #7209410


  • Replacement Filter Pads (2-Pack)
  • Designed to surround and protect a water garden pump from debris that accumulates in ponds
  • One pad offers up to 6 months of filtration.
  • Bio-filter foam material helps improve water clarity
  • UV resistant
  • Promotes clean, clear water
  • Pre-filter for FR, DP, G Pumps & 5X Bio
  • Packaging May Vary

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Minimum Quantity of 1


The Beckett Replacement Pre-Filters are designed to protect your water garden pump from debris that builds up in your pond over time. Depending on the size, one filter pad can last up to six months, offering an effective filtration solution. A foam filter is beneficial for your pump as it traps particles to avoid clogging, lengthening the lifespan of your pump. The foam filters also help to clear the water by providing a breeding ground for beneficial bacteria. Beneficial bacteria help keep your water clean and clear. They feed on the organic material that is carried within the water as it passes through the filters. Clean your filters regularly by submerging them into a bucket half-filled with pond water. Gently massage and squeeze the foam, to remove the gunk while still keeping some of the beneficial bacteria in the filter. For use with Beckett or Spaces Places pump models DP Series, FR Series, G pumps, LV450T, and 5X Bio pump models.


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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 10 in


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